Prepping for 2017 adventure like a boss.

Okay, it’s down to days now before I spend 24ish hours flying to Rome for the 2017 Mediterranean adventure.

The last eleven months have involved the sort of almost manic preparation for one of my solo trips to the other side of the world that some folk can’t understand.  Being down to this amount of time, I am busy trying to work out what hasn’t been organised and what could go wrong if I don’t act now.  Things like where I am going to buy and Italian SIM,  if I should buy Genoa Aquarium tickets now (or wait until I am there to decide if it is worth the euros).

I don’t think I am the standard type of trip planner……..  For someone who is generally viewed as easy going and outwardly a little disorganised, I am surprisingly over the top with preplanning my solo trips.  I study online resources like YouTube, Lonely Planet and Rick Steves; getting those essential apps, a currency converter, toilet finders, wifi finder, world time and weather,, Emirates, relevant train apps, etc, etc.  and I have spent the last 10 months trying to learn conversational Italian.

Having sort of been packing the last few weeks, as well as resetting my travel laptop and making sure I had at least addressed in my mind what was still on the to do list…. I figured hurdles and the remedies were at least envisaged and the lead up to the trip was some what predictable.

Well no.

Friday morning, I managed to break a toe…… but hey, you can’t do anything about it, just work through the pain.

But yesterday, I absolutely outdid myself.


In a moment involving my left ring finger and a tangle of fabric, I managed to mangle the aesthetic of said digit.  I thought I had broken it, but strangely enough there was no pain.  No movement. I rang the princess and her husband and  asked should I splint or ice first.

The consensus was I should probably see health professionals. So I went of to the local hospital emergency area (ready to be turned away because it wasn’t really that serious, I mean it still wasn’t hurting)


How good am I? I managed to painlessly break the tendon that runs across the top of my finger that manages to keep finger in control.  It’s called mallet finger.  It seems I also managed to break a small part of one of the bones.

I have my finger in a splint, successful treatment to minimise any deformity in the long term involves splinting for eight continuous weeks. (If it comes off in that time, I have an additional eight weeks from when it goes back on). I have an appointment on Wednesday to see a Plastic Surgeon and I believe I will then get a custom splint…. (maybe I should ask for an extra, just in case).

Still no pain in the finger, the toe is making up for it.

Lets hope the rest of the week is a little less interesting!

More soon……






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