Not long to go before the next adventure.

For those of you who have read my posts from way back, you will know that a weird part of me loves the planning and preparations for a major trip almost as much as the trip itself.

The next big adventure is rapidly approaching and has been going through the planning process since I got an email in late October. (From who? I can’t remember!)  The email was about some pretty economical cruises sailing MSC Cruises.  Out of interest, I looked up the minimum fare as a solo traveler.  The cabin itself is of little importance to me as I want to spend as much time away from it either exploring the ports or the ship itself.

Imagine my surprise when I found that a solo room on a 9 day cruise leaving from Genoa, Italy and making it’s way to Malaga, Spain, Casablanca, Morocco, Lisbon, Portugal, Barcelona, Spain and finishing in Marseille, France could be mine for around AU$1200  (about EUR800).

Casablanca!…. I have never before thought I would go to Casablanca!

So book, I did.  Then I set about organising flights.  Last year I flew in and out of Athens.  I booked through Qantas, but as it happened, all flights booked through Qantas turned out to be Emirates flights.  I enjoyed the Emirates experience so much, that this year I booked directly with them.  Sorry Qantas…..

I found flights that suited me flying return to Rome.  Emirates have a party trick this year.  Leave Melbourne (Australia) at 5am and arrive in Rome at 8pm.  Changing so many time zones does my head in, but I will believe them.  Even get a cheeky couple of hours to explore Terminal 3 at Dubai; that place is the best for people watching.

When I get to Rome, I will stay overnight before a night at the Cinque Terre then staying at Genoa the night before the cruise.  After the cruise, I will be spending a night in Marseille, then Nice, back to Italy and staying at Milan, Venice, Florence and finishing off with a couple of nights staying in a convent in Rome before flying home.

I have been trying to learn a bit of conversational Italian, which I think will be very much helped along by traveling on an Italian cruise line.  I have watched hours of you tube (Rick Steves rocks!), studied my destinations and indeed the train travel between them.  I have started to pack and rationalise my printed preparation, working out what can be stored on ‘cloud’ and what needs a hard copy.

Yep, I really like the preparation for such a grand adventure.  The funny thing is when I get back, I will probably re-watch the you tube videos, this time knowing exactly what they are talking about.

More soon.




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