Long lost memories

Last night while watching the 6 o’clock news bulletin, there was a ‘breaking news’ interruption at the start of news.  It was a quick story about a house fire in the town my grandparents called home for over 30 years.  New they announced that Salisbury Street was closed off.  That was the address of their home.

I spent so much time there as a young one.

I looked up the State Emergency app on my phone which had their former addressed ‘starred’ as where the incident was.  As it turned out, (and it did take a while before I found out), the fire was actually number 2, not my grandparents’ house at number 4.

I haven’t thought about  my grandparents’ house in years, but the memories just flooded back…..  Funny how magic moments may hide somewhere in your soul only to pop into your consciousness at a moment’s notice.

I remembered going shopping with my Nan, seemingly always in hot weather.  After we walked up the big hill from the train station, the first thing Nan would do when we got there was put the kettle on for a cup of tea. (I could never work out that whole hot drink in hot weather idea).  It also reminded me about the way Nan would describe how she had her tea, white with 10 grains of sugar.

The way Nan made her awesome cakes using only a bowl and well worn spoon, and her jam tarts she would make me.  The way she would watch television, having a conversation and knitting intricate patterns all at the same time.

The way my Pa, thought the best remedy for someone who had a cold was chocolate.  I mean, who can argue with that?

The ‘acorn’ tree out the front that I used to try and climb to the very top.  Yes, I know it was indeed an oak tree, but it always seemed to have a ‘confetti’ of acorns scattered around the base of it.

These random memories have continued to pop into my consciousness in the last 24 hours.

I hope, now that I am a grandparent that I am creating memories for family members, especially my grandchildren.


More soon.



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