July, 2017…… what a month!

I know I have been quiet for the past month.  2017’s winter in Australia has been brutal in the illnesses going around, the ‘flu, gastro, etc.  It seems my family has been far from immune.  This hasn’t been helped in the least that Austin has been attending daycare two days a week.  (Just quietly I will be sooooooo pleased when his immunity somehow manages to sneak ahead of the germs and bugs out there to get him)

Also happening in this time was the impending birth of my second my grandson with an ETA of last week…. he is in fact five weeks old today!

Please welcome the very impatient Noah.  He was born quite perfect, just early and accordingly quite small, (6lb). He is an absolutely awesome little bloke who is really chilled.

Noah’s cousin, Austin is finding out what all the buzz is about.

See, life is good.


More soon….


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