You never know where or when you will find your close friends.

Six years ago, on Facebook I became aware that there was a high school 30 year reunion planned.

Let’s face it…. I am sure you would have done exactly what I did…..   I said Yes, I would go to the reunion, having no intention what so ever of going…. Hell! if wanted to know these people I am sure I would’ve kept in touch……. But… if I can Facebook stalk and check out what my contemporaries are like today, why not??????

Well that plan failed…..

A friend made sure I went (I do live only about 10 kilometres from both the school and indeed the venue).  He announced he would drive me and pick me up.

(OH……………………  ok then, if I must…..)

Fast forward to the current day….

On the first Tuesday of the month there is a really relaxed dinner to be had with my high school peers, strangely enough at the venue of the original reunion.  There is a Facebook page set up for our informal group with an event created monthly.  There are no RSVP’s no excuses needed if you are a no-show.  Our dinners have featured any number of diners from 2 to 8 or 10.  We simply never know who is going, but for the last three years we have managed to continue to have a great random dinner for no apparent reason.

And we have become great friends…. we are not folk that were ‘besties’ in our teenage years and, in fact we really didn’t have too much (if any) connection since we were lining up for ‘assembly’ in our dreadful uniforms.

Since our regular dinners ‘for no apparent reason’ started about three years ago, we have created a type of ‘Parallel Social Life’; one that is just a little removed from day-to-day connections.

During that time, our bond has grown through the life experiences we have gone through and chosen to share.  We have shared our highs and lows, we have gone through births, deaths, marriages, divorces, new jobs, lost jobs, self-doubt, self growth, the highest of the highs and the lowest of lows.

In sharing these experiences, we have allowed our defenses to reduce, which is an incredible show of how close we have become.

Thank you to my school buddies, you have seen me go through so much and your friendship means the world to me.

Thank you also to the friend that made me go…. (B.O’N)


More soon!











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