Family, upcoming wedding & past wedding hiccups

My middle son is getting married to his love of his life in a few weeks.  He is the last of my offspring to get married.  The other two  were in October, 2014 and Valentine’s day, 2015.

The bride to be’s ‘Hen’s thing’ is the day after tomorrow.

One of the bridemaids’ has asked all attendees to put pen to paper to record a memory we share with the bride.

So here I go………

My daughter had organised her and her husband’s wedding so well and thoroughly that I was concerned that if something went not to plan she would become very upset.  I had tried to prepare her for the seemingly inevitable gremlin or two that would pop up during the big day.

Something did go astray…….

As the ladies of the wedding party got dressed, one of the bridesmaids, my future daughter in law (FDIL), went up to the bride and said something to the effect of “oh, my god, oh my god, something really bad has just happened”

(NOTE: this is something that a bride wants to hear……… never)

The ‘incident’? The zip in her gown malfunctioned, would not ‘zip’; zippy thing wouldn’t and couldn’t connect the sides.

Bride was (very) surprisingly calm and said “no problems, Mum can fix that”, (no pressure there).

When they arrived at my farm for photos, FDIL was sent inside to get ‘fixed’ while bride started getting photos done.

Fortunately, the bridesmaids’ dresses were black.  I sewed FDIL into her dress, knotting the stitches off every centimetre or so in case the thread broke anywhere along the course of the day.  I explained that Marilyn Munroe used to get sewed in to her frocks.

My bag for the evening immediately was packed with needle, thread, scissors, pins, all sorts of sewing goodies.

FDIL went outside, had the photos done, went on and the day went without any further dramas.

The dress handled the day exceptionally well; no one noticed and FDIL actually managed to forget and relaxed.   Back at my place at around midnight (where son and FDIL were staying)  after a great day, the process of undoing my handy work took place.

….. More soon……..


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