2017 Mediterranean Adventure – Planning – Marseille back to Rome

The cruise ends at Marseille on Thursday morning.  I have booked in to Mama Shelter,  a very funky Philippe Stark designed hotel complete with a bar, restuarant and terrace in the heart of Marseille.   Check out the website, it is a hip and happening kind of place.  I like Marseille, it’s a lovely place to just wander and people watch.

Friday morning, I will take the 2 hour 40 minute train ride to Nice.  I must admit, I was hoping to again stay at the beautifully eccentric Hotel Wilson, but alas, I wasn’t able to get in.  After a bit of reasearch, I found the very pretty Le Petit Trianon.  This hotel is situated on the opposite side of Nice’s main thoroughfare to the Hotel Wilson, but about the same distance from the promenade and train station.  This will be ideal as this trip I look forward to exploring the old town in Nice.

Next morning will see me on the longest train trip of this adventure; Nice to Milan,  about 4 hours, 40 minutes, going through Genoa.  I have booked an apartment in Milan, Residenza Cenisio.  I hope to view Leonado Da Vinci’s ‘The last supper’ although only 25 people get to go in at a time for 15 minutes, so I had better get organised.  I also want to view Milan from the roof of the Duomo, a beautiful cathedral.  I believe that on a clear day, you can see the snow on the alps.

On Sunday, I will be travelling the 2 hours and 35 minutes by train to Venice where I have booked a B&B 20 minutes walk from the main station and 10 minutes walk in the other direction to Piazza San Marco. The name my accommodation in Venice is La Terrazza Del Miracoli.  I should see if I can find a church service to go to that night.

Monday will the day I get to Florence after just over 2 hours on the train.  I have splurged a little on the accommodation.  The Pontevecchio Relais is only 40 metres from Florence’s most famous bridge and I have booked a room with a river view.  I want to see Michelangelo’s David while there, but the gallery where he now lives, Galleria da Accademia, is closed on Mondays so I will try to get to see him Tuesday morning before I leave for the 90 minute train trip to Rome.

My accommodation for two nights in Rome is looking to be the quirkiest of the adventure. Domus Nova Bethlem may sound like a Latin motto for a secondary school, but it is actually a monastery located 6 minutes walk from the major train station in the old area of Rome.  When I booked, I actually wasn’t aware that it was, I had wondered why there seemed to be the odd crucifix here and there in the photos, but I figured that it was Rome, and the Italians can be very religious.  Thinking back, I guess that is why one of the reviews mentioned how secure a solo female felt there.

I leave Rome on Thursday night, flying Emirates back to Dubai for a 3 1/2 hour stopover, before heading back to Melbourne, Australia, landing Saturday morning at around 9am.















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