2017 Mediterranean Adventure – Planning – Rome to Genoa via the Cinque Terre.

Ok, return flights to Rome sorted with Emirates, just on 3 weeks apart. Now to sort the route and accommodation…… and lots of youtube and sticky-notes.

I like travelling by train in Europe.  It has a lot of advantages, apart from the scenery that you get to appreciate:

  • You only have to get to the station a few minutes before the train is scheduled;
  • You don’t have to wait around to collect your luggage;
  • The stations are in the heart of the cities, so you don’t have 40km taxi rides to pay for;
  • You have more space than on planes; and
  • A lot of the train stations are really beautiful.

So I arrive in Rome on the Sunday night and need to be in Genoa in Italy by Wednesday to get on the MSC Cruise on the Magnifica.  The cruise arrives at Marsielle in France Thursday of the next week.  The first of my flights home leave Thursday night of the following week and I get home on the Saturday morning.

Rome to Genoa.

I have decided on a night in Rome.  I land at around 8pm, I figure I will only want to sleep by that time.  There is a express train from Rome airport to the city called the Leonardo Express that leaves every 15 minutes and takes 32 minutes.  It costs about € 20, much more expensive (but much quicker) than other public transport options.

I have booked a room at a hotel near to the station, Hotel Corallo.  I figure I will get a good sleep, have some breakfast on their rooftop.  It is a seven minute walk or two minute taxi ride from the station, also a consideration for the next morning.

Monday morning, I am training it to the Cinque Terre, Monterosso Al Mare to be exact, about 4 hours and 20 minutes.  The Cinque Terre is a group of five (cinque) seaside towns with very different personalities that have the most amazing coastlines.  They are most directly connected by railroad or walking tracks, it is not very easy to travel between them by road.  I will be staying overnight at beachside Hotel La Villa Degil Argentieri.

Tuesday at some stage, I will be taking the 90 minute train trip to Genoa where the cruise is leaving from the next day.  Europe’s largest aquarium is located in Genoa.  Last year I had my mind blown by my visit to Monaco’s aquarium which was especially good as I arrived pretty much as it opened and saw only a handful of people during my time there.  I think I may use the same strategy.  In Genoa, I will be staying at the Albergo Novocento the night before the cruise.


More soon.












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