Grandparenting Aus – Adenoids & Grommets

On Friday Aus had surgery.  In the scheme of things, other bubs have much more serious medical afflictions, but that doesn’t stop me from hoping that this is the extent of his medical worries.  In his almost 14 months, he has been in hospital five times, (six if you count when he was born) and had two operations.

Today’s operation was ENT (ear, nose and throat) focused.  He is (hopefully was) such a snorer.  I could always tell the exact moment he went to sleep, because his breathing changed sound to snoring.  When his Mum got to the ENT specialist appointment, she also got him to check Austin’s ears.  They found that he has fluid in his ears, they checked his hearing, it was less than expected.

He now has grommets in his ears and no adenoids.  As two of my three offspring have had their tonsils and adenoids out (one at 2yrs, one at 7) and one having his ears drilled at a relatively young age,  I feel that ENT things run in the family.   Apparently during the procedure, when they emptied his ears, there was quite a lot to be removed.  Hopes are up for hearing improvement…. it’s looking positive.



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