Queenie Euphemia Stehn, November 1913 – April 2017

Last week, my step Grandmother died peacefully. There will be a ‘private cremation’ so this is how I am going to ‘pay my respects’ to a lady who saw so much change in the world in her lifetime.

I have known Queenie since I was in the middle of primary school. I loved and admired Queenie for many reasons.

She was always so in love with Bert (her husband for over half a century), who sadly died in the early 1990’s, she is now with him. She looked after him for as long as she could during his losing battle with Alzheimers.

She could recite the alphabet backwards (no joke, she took great pride in her party trick), the last time I heard her do it, she was close to 100.

She had spirit. I didn’t always agree with what she thought about the way the world had changed around her or what life had dealt her ( her mind was sharp as a tack after her body started failing)…. yes, I know she let everyone know, but fair enough.

During her life, she has done the most intricate crochet projects that amaze in size and what was involved.

When she and Bert lived in Cranbourne on some land they had two sheep called Mork and Mindy, and she fed them vegemite on toast for breakfast. They also had the most amazing garden and a peacock that she wasn’t too keen on, because it made a screaming noise and she told me neighbours often rang to check that no one was being attacked.

When I was about 11, I stood in line to get Dennis Walter’s autograph for her, because I knew she loved his records. She was stoked.

She loved me being part of her family, although I suspect she loved Olivia and Austin even more. Olivia and I took her to Monash University to watch Olivia’s school band perform, Queenie was tickled pink.

When you think about how the world changed in Queenie’s time on this earth, she has seen the best and the worst…

I loved the way I still have coathangers she made me.

She was also a great cook… not just any sort of cook, she made great pastries and the like.

Queenie will be missed so much by her kids, grand kids, great grand kids and great great grandkids (steps and all)


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