Grandparenting Aus

As I said in my introduction, I look after my 14 month old grandson three days a week now that his Mum has returned to work after maternity leave.  I am self employed and work from home, so it works.  I get up at 5.30am and go and pick him up, his folks usually travel to work together, (they work a couple of kilometres apart, about 80 kilometres away) and they get home about 6.30pm.  It is a long day.

Austin is a great kid, he has a lovely disposition but let’s call a spade a spade; he has been walking for about three months and is currently discovering in a rather hit or miss manner what he is capable of. I have a seemingly never ending supply of long forgotten memories of dealing with kids that age, (for about 6 months, I had 3 kids under 4 years of age)….. and being aware of the changes to the world in that time.

Ah, yes …. the other complicating factor…… Lord Lonsdale, my housemate, my security guy, my 60 kg Rottweiler.  A reasonable time of my day is requesting Lon to stop licking Aus from head to toe and Aus to stop patting Lon…………. Meal time is even more interesting; when Aus starts getting full, he starts getting generous with his food, wanting to feed Lon and of course Lon is tall enough to eat straight off the highchair.

So Aus is now up to moving things up to the couch so he can climb up on to the couch.  When that happened, it necessitated intensive tuition as to how to safely get off the couch.  So far, so good, although he has worked out he can get a pretty reasonable response from me if he decides to get creative once on the couch, (climbing or balancing on the arms of the lounges, etc).  One thing I have found distracts him (which I found very surprising) is giving him a scarf to float over him.

Aus is off to hospital for a smallish operation on Friday.  I will save that for the next blog.




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