Melbourne weekend

Last weekend, my daughter and I spent a wonderful 24 hours in Melbourne.  It was all planned around Saturday afternoon’s Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Pixar concert at The Arts Centre’s Hamer Hall. The music served as a narrative to the abridged versions of Pixar’s many animations which were projected behind the MSO.

Until we went in to The Arts Centre, Melbourne was experiencing an Autumn day right out of the box, fine, sunny and 27 degrees.  When we left, 2 hours later, Melbourne had showed it’s meteorological split personality, torrential rain with a bit of flooding and about 14 degrees.

We went back to our hotel to tidy ourselves up before a bit of a wander about the CBD.  The Rendezvous Hotel in Flinders Street has a great location, beautiful historic foyer and really nice, modern rooms.

After the compulsory circuit of H&M and Emporium, we made our way to Fed Square for dinner.  After having a look at was was on offer, we opted for Il Pom, an Italian restuarant, where we had a very good feed of Italian seafood dishes, washed down with mocktails.  Back to The Rendezvous for a big night of watching ‘House Hunters’ before lights out and a sound, peaceful sleep.

Sunday morning we checked out, took our bags to the car, which we left at a Wilson carpark (pretty good value at $8 per day on weekends), before walking to The Lindt Cafe in Collins Street.  The weather was showery and gray, we decided to use the compact umbrella I had bought in Italy for my daughter.  It was to be it’s first use.  Sadly, it was not to be, the mechanism for the brolly to remain up was missing! Bugga, I guess I will just have to go back to Italy to get her another one.

I’ve never really considered a chocolate shop as a breakfast location, but this is the second time I have had a Lindt breaky, (we went to Sydney’s Martin Place a couple of years ago).  As always, the hot chocolate was magical, it’s sort of a given for our choice of beverage.  My daughter had the waffles, while I had the ham and cheese toastie, it’s called Croque Monsieur on the menu.

We then got a free tram ride (trams in Melbourne’s CBD are free) down to Spencer Street for a bit of outlet shopping before going home.

A lovely weekend


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