Sailing the Mediterranean on the Carnival Vista

Day 6

Started the day confused as to what time it was because I wasn’t sure if my phone and lappy had automatically gone back one hour to agree with Malta, but they hadn’t. That was just as well as I had a meeting with a cat at 8.30.

At My daughter’s insistence, I did the Dr Suess breakfast. I sent her photos and I get the response: OMG YOU MET THE CAT IN THE HAT!!!!!! I passed on the green eggs and ham….. (a little too bright green for my liking) and went for the safer red and white stack (hat) of pancakes. There was an ice sculpture of the Cat himself and appearances by him, thing one and two and a yellow fluffy ‘thing’ which I later determined to be Sam, as in Sam, I am..

That crossed off the list of things to do, I made my way up the levels of the ship to get to the Serenity area (21yrs plus), thinking I would just chill a bit. On the way I looked up and saw the Skyride (pedal powered pods that run on a track on the top of the ship). On the spur of the moment, I decided to do the course, so I had to go back to the cabin for some suitable shoes.

Getting back up to the top of the ship, and got in line. During my wait, I got chatting to a nice couple from Lake Tahoe, who have just spent a few days in Athens and they gave me some excellent tips for when I get back there. They also encouraged me to go and see if I could get a reservation at the ‘chef’s table’ dinner. I have tried twice before to get a reservation, but each time I was unsuccessful. I went and asked and low and behold on Wednesday, after a day at Pisa, etc., I will be eating at THE exclusive dining experience.

When it came to my turn for the Skyride, I got the harness on, got attached to the ‘pod’ and put my seat belt on. I have to tell you, it is a long way up from the sea (about 13 storeys, I think)… all went easier than I was expecting until I went across the back of the ship, and the wind blew up from nowhere making the home straight somewhat more challenging.

On a high from the Skyride course, I walked straight across to the ropes course. This is not a naturally comfortable environment for me. Having started, I remembered the high winds. So I took it steady and slow (at some points, very slow). But I did it!!!!!

From there, I looked up what was on in the cinema, (Mr & Mrs Lake Tahoe had told me they had seen a 3D movie yesterday and totally recommended it) as it turned out, an under the sea 3D movie was starting in 10 minutes. It was excellent.

I went back to the cabin to ditch the sensible shoes for thongs (footwear, not lingerie!). While there, I happened to catch daughter on messager (despite the 7 hour time difference) and chatted a while.

After that, it was time for lunch… well and truly… so I headed up to Guy’s burger joint and got an American style burger, I don’t know if it was the burger’s fault or mine, but it was pretty mushy by the end of it.

Having decided to get my lappy to write this, I was on my way back up the decks when I heard an announcement that a stage show ‘Lights, camera, interaction’ was starting in 10 mins. So I made my way to the ‘Liquid Lounge’. Again, it was a really good show.

So it is approaching 4pm and I feel that I haven’t wasted a minute of this ‘sea day’, there are still a few hours of surprises left in the day.

Tomorrow, I get to discover Malta.


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