Mediterranean, sailing Carnival Cruises

Day 4

Today we were supposed to go to Turkey, but it seems that the US State Department didn’t think it was a good idea….. so we have a day at sea. After a bit a sleep in and a shower and a search for a hair dryer (which for the viewers at home, was found in the desk drawer after I came back from brunch.)

This trip is all about pushing myself to do things the me of five years ago wouldn’t. So I have decided to try new foods as well as the other more obvious ground breaking moves.

Having ordered a side order of ‘cheese grits’ to accompany my Eggs Benedict, I now have the knowledge to confidently say that ‘cheese grits’ are not to my taste and I will not be ordering them/it again……. And no, I do not know the ingredients and no, the yellow mushy stuff in the side bowl was not what I was expecting. I know, I could’ve googled it, but where’s the fun in that?

I went for a wander around the ship, discovering all sorts of wonders, including the soft serve machine.

I made my way to the ‘jackpot’ bingo in the afternoon. I thought the bingo hostess really made an effort to dress up head to toe in red for the session; I then spotted a fella head to toe in green, and one in purple, who she called Professor Plum….. yes, they had just come from a cluedo murder mystery.

Back to bingo…… missed the jackpot by the number 47.

The dinner attire of the day was ‘elegant’ and there was a meet and greet with the Captain of the ship. I went to the stage show, which was really well done and then to dinner for ‘The American Feast’

The cruise ship,the Carnival Vista is really highly recommended.


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