Pireaus and Carnival Vista

After having breakfast at the hotel, I packed up and headed off for another look around the Port of Piraeus. Having had more sleep, I was a little more focused on crossing roads in a safe manner, that is truly a challenge here in Greece. While packing up, I watched the Greek morning show. Wow, I have never seen a weather report quite like it….. very animated and energetic you could say.

In this adventure, I found a lot of the shops hidden in narrow roads almost by mistake. I also took time to sit and watch the world from Greece’s oldest port. In an absolutely hectic and seemingly random city, the luxury yachts had a certain order about them.

The hotel bus took me and some fellow cruisers to the ship, which I have to tell you is huge.

The Vista is Carnival’s newest ship, having been launched in May 2016 in Italy. Next month, it makes it’s way to New York to do trips to the Caribbean from there. Anyway, after the safety meeting, I went and unpack my stuff in my surprisingly spacious interior cabin. I then went up to the top to watch us leaving Piraeus. I saw a most beautiful red / orange sunset that gave the white buildings a warm glow.

I then went and had dinner in the restaurant, eating with a couple from England and a young couple from America. The ship’s passengers come from far and wide. The thing I like about Carnival is the way you have such a choice of eating options that are included in the price. There are premium options also, but you can eat pretty bloody well without spending a cent…. Even room service.

After almost 3 hours of good conversation at dinner, it was time for bed….. a very very comfy bed.




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