Still flying

It is 7.10am and I’m sitting at Terminal 3 at Dubai…… I know, it’s something like 1pm at home…

I sat next to a nice couple from Doncaster, flying to Glasgow for a funeral. Every now and then I would see the lady leave her seat and head in the direction of the toilet. I wondered if I had again attracted folk who suffer from motion sickness; it turned out she was just a nervous passenger and liked to get up for a walk every now and then.

I would really recommend flying with Emirates. The staff are very attentive, food good, a fair amount of leg space (but it does help if you are my height, the mid 5fts)…. But the biggest and most impressive thing is the entertainment system. There are over 2500 channels with games, new and classic movies, music, tv series, the works.

Singapore was a bit of a disappointment as we pretty much got off the plane, walked around and went through customs and got back on the plane . Although I did manage in the time to have a toilet stop ( a story by itself) and I spotted a plumber from where I live, in the terminal, not the toilet…. Pretty random for 12.30am at the exact boarding gate I was at.

We arrived at Dubai this morning and had to get a bus to the terminal. The bus trip took about 10 minutes, so it felt like the pilot had overshot the runway by a country or two.

Sooooo glad that night is over, we seemed to spend a lot of time in the dark.

Leaving Dubai, again we had a bus trip almost to Egypt to the plane. I get into the plane and a fella is sitting in the seat next to my window seat (booked by the way in December). He says to me that his fiancé was wondering if I would swap seats with her (middle of middle bit). I said sorry, but no.

I have just had over 14 hours of flying where there wasn’t anything to see because we were following the moon. Anyway, he cracked the sads and spent the flight under a blanket next to her in the middle section……. And I got a spare seat next to me! (Fist pump moment)

Anyway, just as well as I stood up for myself….. in Dubai we flew over the palms, etc, then later I looked out the window and realised we were flying over Cairo and not long after I got my first view of the Mediterranean. And what a beautiful sight it was.

So pleased that I organised a shuttle from my hotel to pick me up from the airport. It should give me some time to explore this afternoon. I have the morning too. …….. and then the cruise begins!


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