Arriving in Greece

Day 2, part 2 – Athens, Piraeus

Athens airport was easy…. I excitedly got my first passport stamp, EVER! After I went through customs, (actually after I and the rest of the passengers from the flight casually strolled past the two customs guys that waved the entire group through) I walked through the doors, saw a guy who had my name printed on a sheet of a4, he had a trolley and was parked straight out the front. I don’t know how one manages that, it was quite evident I was jetlagged because I didn’t take a photo.  Although, quite frankly, I am still confused about the road rules in Greece…… are there any?

He drove me the 40kms to Piraeus, past the sad former airport that got superseded when the Olympics came to town. Past the sad abandoned Olympic stadium…. Past lots of empty shops and half built modern apartment buildings looking like work has long since been abandoned.

Athens was about 30c, a fair amount warmer than home. I checked in (Phidias Piraeus Hotel – great location, great people, great rooms.) Had a shower/bath and went for a walk.

The port is Greece’s oldest port, which makes it pretty amazingly old. The cruise I’m going on is leaving from the port a little bit to the west.

Came across a Maccas, Pizza Hut and KFC….. found a ‘food hall type place’ that did traditional baked goods on one side and Zumbo like creations on the other side. I saw what looked like an oblong slice of a bacon and cheese pizza thingy, figured that I had dinner sorted! No idea what it was, but it was really nice.

Went to the port, looked in a couple of supermarkets and went back to the hotel. I started napping at about 6.30, it certainly takes it out of you flying from Melbourne to Athens!


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